Mathews Genesis Compound Bow


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Whether you are hunting deer or shooting targets, the Mathews Genesis Original compound bow puts you in charge of these activities. With its featured camouflage color, the bow can accommodate draw lengths from 15 to 30 inches. The Genesis also adjusts, making it ideal for youth and adults of all heights and weights. The bow features a maximum draw weight of 20 pounds, making it fairly effortless to hold for most people. The Mathews Genesis compound bow has a lightweight design so that carrying it around isn’t physically taxing. The molded grip makes it easy to maintain your position when shooting the bow repeatedly. It features a stainless steel cable guard that helps protect your hands after shooting. The Mathews Genesis compound bow is available in left- or right-hand versions, and it comes strung and fully assembled right out of the box. These bows are made in the U.S.A. by Brennan Industries, and were sold under the Mathews brand for several years before becoming their own brand. The Matthews Genesis compound bows still maintain the same features as the original. The Mathews Genesis compound bow is now the official bow used by the National Archery in the Schools Program, making this the only bow that can be used during participation of this program. This is a program that introduces youth to the sport of archery. The Mathews Genesis compound bow comes set to its maximum draw weight of 20 pounds, so it may be necessary to adjust it for younger archers or yourself. This weight is comparable to a recurve bow of 35 pounds. These bows do not come with any accessories, such as arrows or quivers, so you will have to provide your own gear. This Genesis comes with a NAP flipper-style arrow rest that is straightforward and simple to use. The Zebra string comes nocked and features a temporary nocking point that is adjustable with the included 3/16-inch Allen wrench. The manufacturer recommends using Easton Genesis 2 30-inch length aluminum arrows. This is the type of arrow recommended by the NASP, but if you are hunting and not taking part in archery tournaments it’s fine to use any arrows that are 30 inches in length. The Genesis bow is unique because it features a single-cam design. The company advertises it as “the bow that fits everyone” because it doesn’t have a set draw length. You can pull the string back any amount, from a few inches for beginners to full draw for experienced users, and the arrow will fly strong and straight either way. You adjust the draw length to suit your physiology and strength while aiming down range. The Genesis cam configuration, for which the company has several patents, gives a constant and steady pressure throughout the draw with no let-off. Because the Mathews Genesis compound bow, or the Mini Genesis bow, comes with zero let-off and a light draw weight, it creates a bow that covers all the standard draw lengths. This bow can be used to shoot at targets, hunting, or archery tournaments and is a very versatile piece of gear.


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