Buy cheap 5.7x28mm ammo fnh 40gr 1000rds


5.7x28mm ammo

Caliber: 5.7x28mm
Number of Rounds: 1000
Bullet Type: Lead-Free Hollow Point
Bullet Weight: 27 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Primer Location: Centerfire
Dimensions: 1.60 X 2.05 X 3.40 in
Category: Product ID: 6269


 5.7x28mm ammo

The 5.7×28mm was developed in conjunction with the P90 PDW and FN Five-seven pistol in response to NATO requests for a replacement for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge.In 2002 and 2003, NATO conducted a series of tests with the intention of standardizing a PDW cartridge as a replacement for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge. The tests compared the relative merits of the 5.7×28  cartridge and the 4.6×30mm cartridge, which was created by Heckler & Koch as a competitor to the 5.7×28mm The NATO group subsequently recommended the 5.7×28mm cartridge, citing superior performance in testing, but the German delegation objected and the standardization process was indefinitely halted.5.7 ammo


By 2006, FN’s 5.7×28mm firearms—the P90 PDW and Five-Seven pistol—were in service with military and police forces in over 40 nations throughout the world In the United States, 5.7×28mm firearms are currently used by numerous law enforcement agencies, including the US SECRET SERVICES, Buy cheap 5.7x28mm ammo fnh 40gr 1000rds 5.7 ammo

Fully compatible with a wide variety of FN firearms, including the Five-seveN pistols, FN PS90 carbines, and FN P90 submachine guns, the 5.7x28mm cartridge has been specially tailored to excel in several specialized roles. The SS195 LF and SS198 LF rounds use an innovative, lightweight, brass-jacketed, aluminum-core hollow point bullet. The SS197SR, distributed in the U.S buy 5.7x28mm ammo  by Federal Cartridge Company, is ideally suited for sports and training applications. FN also offers.5.7 ammo  5.7x28mm restricted ammunition (duty, tracer, subsonic) for law enforcement and military sales only. The SS190 duty round has been designed to minimize the risk of over-penetration. The L191 tracer and SB193 subsonic rounds, as well as blank rounds for training and simulations, are also available from FN America. All restricted ammunition is only released and shipped from a U.S. Customs-Controlled Bonded Warehouse (CBW) upon BATFE and U.S. Customs approval.5.7 ammo


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